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CAD system for garment industry
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CAD system for garment industry

From the pattern design to maker, through the modification, grading and execution of automatic drawings.
Easi powered by Vetigraph is a CAD system that helps in carrying the marker for cutting:
  • Decreasing grading time;
  • Decreasing marker time;
  • Increasing cutting quality and efficiency;
  • Productivity increase;
It is a simple tool to use, responding perfectly to the daily needs of garment, furniture and automobile manufacturers. It allows better control of the pattern creation, avoiding errors of grading and therefore eliminate problems in the manufacture.
Compatibility with other CAD systems like Lectra, Gerber e ficheiros DXF. Also piloting plotters and digitizing tables.
  • Digitizer table.
  • System with camera.
  • Automatic Plan OPTIMUM - Carrying out the cutting plan in automatic, with an excellent use, allowing you to save even more on raw material and time.
  • Plotter with Hp cartridge may have one or more printheads.
Special options under request.
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