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Delicate materials


Automatic spreading machine with exclusive double feeding system which allows relaxation of all kind of stretch materials by compressed air, which gives a spread free of any accumulated tension.
The large range of options available makes Challenger a machine completely personalized and unique on market.
  • Full automatic feeding
  • Knit relaxation;
  • Plies and meter counter;
  • Spread programmer ;
  • Operator’s ridding platform;
  • Electronic control of knit tension;
  • Pre-feed and feed device with electronic control of knit storage.
The huge facility of use makes this spreader the most effective in materials with highest demands on the market.
  • Multi-roll loader with cradle 3,5 or 16 rolls, full automatic;
  • Production program  by colors and sizes;
  • Layers spreading program;
  • Defects locator;
  • Automatic rotating tower.
Other options on request.
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